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Adjuncts Reject PSC Contract

Tom Lynch's 1973 article, “Adjuncts Reject PSC Contract,” published in The Meridian, The Student Voice of Lehman College, argued that the raise was inadequate in so far as it was lower than the cost of living and was less than what full-time [...]

"We Accuse"

“We Accuse The Members of the Emergency Financial Control Board of Crimes Against the Community” flyer was created by the Community Coalition to Save Hostos (CCSH) for the May 10, 1976 march that proceeded from El Barrio to the headquarters of [...]

Newt Davidson Parody: Memo to Gov. Rockefeller on CUNY Planning

This recently discovered (August 2017) document from the papers of historian Judith Stein, is the only extant example of what preceded the Crisis at CUNY brochure. As explained in the interview done with four members of the Newt Davidson Collective, [...]

Draft of an Appeal to the City University Community

This draft of a 1970 appeal to the CUNY community was written by the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT). It accused tCUNY of paying teachers "sweatshop wages" with the objective of obtaining cheap labor for the open enrollment program. The [...]

"Will You Listen to this Cry for Justice?"

This flyer, produced and circulated in 1970 by the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT), called for students and teachers to stand together and demand that CUNY honor the contract. It stated that despite 6,000 lecturers and teaching [...]

Letter to Legislative Conference Members

This letter from 1971, signed by Belle Zeller, the chair of the Legislative Conference (LC), was addressed to LC members. It requested that members identify part-time faculty represented by the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT) who would [...]

Vote for Unity: United Federation of College Teachers/Legislative Conference Merger Talks

This 1971 memo, written by the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT), described the merger talks between the UFCT and the Legislative Conference (LC) and the obstacles to consolidation into what would become the Professional Staff Congress. [...]

Letter from the "Adjunct and Part-time Faculty Caucus"

Posted on the walls of John Jay College in 1973, this letter from the Executive Committee of the "Adjunct and Part-time Faculty Caucus" called for broader support from the CUNY community for the dignity and rights of adjunct faculty. In addition to [...]

Part-Time Instructional Staff: A Resolution for a Decent Contract

This  September 7th, 1973 resolution was written by William Leicht, the VP of the Committee for Part-Time Instructional Staff of the PSC. It stated that a contract that "fails to benefit the weak as well as the strong, violates the basic [...]

PSC Adjunct Report (V. 1, N. 2)

This 1974 Professional Staff Congress (PSC) Committee for Part-Time Personnel Newsletter included articles on adjunct faculty being threatened at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), maximum workload quotas, the election of convention [...]

To "The New York Teacher"

These 1974 letters concerned adjunct faculty job security and what constituted reasons for adjunct dismissasl. Included in this item was a request for PSC President Belle Zeller to respond to an editorial from PSC Deputy Vice President Israel [...]

NY PERB: Improper Practice Charge

This NY Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) “Improper Practice Charge,” filed in 1974 by David Allen of the Adjunct Faculty Association, alleged that the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) deliberately entered into an labor agreement that [...]

Adjunct Faculty Association Newsletter (v. 1. n. 1)

This February 1974 Adjunct Faculty Association newsletter included an announcement of the formation of the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA), the new organization's formal complaint filed against the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), several [...]

The Parttimer: Committee for Part-Time Instructional Staff

This 1974 issue of The Parttimer, a Professional Staff Congress (PSC) newsletter, announced the Delegate Assembly's official approval of a newly formed Committee for Part-time Instructional Staff. The Committee for P/T personnel was an organization [...]

An Appeal to the Faculty to Vote for a Strike: Adjuncts will be the first to go but “you may be next."

Written by the Adjunct Faculty Association, this 1975 flier argued for a strike, claiming that the budget cuts would result in the mass firings of adjunct faculty and increased workloads for full-time faculty. It also claimed that, according to the [...]

Part-Time Faculty Members of the PSC

This September 29th, 1975 memo , written by David Allen of the Committee for Part-time Instructional Staff, announced a delay in the proposed strike and claimed that the decision to defer it made it unlikely that those who had been fired would be [...]

Arguments Relating to Adjuncts for Submission to Factfinders

This October 10, 1975 memo, written by the Committee for Part-time Personnel and circulated among members and potential members, included both an agenda for an upcoming meeting and a list of arguments relating to adjuncts for fact-finders to present [...]

Letter to Cantor, re: Retrenchment of Adjunct Faculty

This 1975 letter from Stephen C. Vladeck, a prominent labor lawyer a to Mr. Arnold Cantor, Executive Director of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) expressed doubt about the wrongful termination of an adjunct professor and recommended that the [...]

PSC Newsletter to Part-timers

This June 28, 1976 memo from Susan Prager, chairperson of the Committee for Part-Time Personnel, was addressed to part-time members of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC). It included the renewed retrenchment guidelines for adjuncts and stated [...]

PSC v. CUNY re: Dividing full-time positions into adjunct appointments

This grievance, filed on September 17th, 1976, by the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), alleged that CUNY had replaced full-time faculty positions with adjunct appointments despite having sufficient course offerings to reinstate retrenched [...]

" But I'm only an Adjunct "

"Part-Time Teaching at CUNY" was written by members of the Committee of Untenured Faculty (CUF) in 1976. Part I of the article included a collection of anecdotes culled from adjuncts' experiences of precarity and isolation across CUNY. Part II, [...]

Vote for the PSC-BHE Contract

This letter, written by Susan Prager in 1977, urged readers to vote in favor of the Professional Staff Congress - Board of Higher Education (PSC - BHE) contract. While the letter acknowledged that some members would be disappointed, it listed three [...]

NYS Dept. of Labor Unemployment Ruling: Ineligibility to Receive Unemployment Insurance

This decision, dated July 19, 1979, from the office of the New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance upheld an initial determination of claimants John Abreu's and Dinah Levine’s ineligibility to receive unemployment insurance as a [...]

Letter from Polishook to Ledley

This July 25, 1978 lfrom Professional Staff Congress (PSC) President Irwin Polishook to Professor Ralph Ledley, chairman of the Faculty Welfare Trustees, requested that the Trustees estimate the costs of health coverage for "approximately 2000" [...]

Adjuncts as Seasonal Workers

This July 31, 1978 memo from Beryl Weinberg of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) to Tony Ficcio discussed adjunct unemployment insurance. It explained the difficulties adjuncts had receiving unemployment insurance, a significant issue [...]

Slave Labor in CUNY: The Plight of the Adjunct

"Slave Labor in CUNY: The Plight of the Adjunct," published in the City College of New York's (CCNY) Student Senate Publication in November 1979, attempted to dispel any misconceptions about adjunct faculty’s working conditions by highlighting the [...]

Graduate Center Teach-in: A Speech calling for Action

“The struggle for the existence of CUNY is as old as the institution itself and. . .this struggle is political.” This speech, delivered by a CUNY Graduate Center student at a 1991 Graduate Center teach-in, sought to put the threat of a $92 [...]

Oral History Interview with Stuart Schaar

This interview with Stuart Schaar, Professor Emeritus of Middle East History at Brooklyn College, was conducted by Douglas Medina for his research on Open Admissions at CUNY. Stuart Schaar was raised in the Bronx and attended the City College of [...]

Oral History Interview with Khadija DeLoache

Khadija DeLoache entered City College in the fall of 1966 with support from the CUNY Seek program. In this oral history, DeLoache discusses growing up in Harlem, her experience as a student activist, and the development of the Black Studies [...]

Oral History Interview with Allen Ballard

This oral history interview was conducted on April 4, 2014 at SUNY Albany. Allen Ballard grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and arrived at the City College of New York in 1960 as an assistant professor of Political Science. He was one of the [...]

MCC Strike Committee Bulletin #1

The 1976 contract negotiations between the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) and the university occurred in the midst of the city's mid-1970s fiscal crisis. Radicals at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) formed a strike committee in order [...]

Tiger Paper, January 1974

This edition of the Tiger Paper protests the impending firing of 1,700 adjunct faculty and the consequent reduction in the number of classes offered at BMCC. "Such a move spells disaster for Open Admissions," the paper's editors write.The [...]

Tiger Paper, February 1972

This issue of the Tiger Paper contains humorous takedowns of the college administration, a call for free subways, a critique of the state of nursing education, and an extended interview with radical poet Sonia Sanchez.The Tiger Paper, which [...]

Archive on Municipal Finance and Leadership

The Archive on Municipal Finance and Leadership at Baruch College makes available significant documentation of the city's fiscal crisis of the 1970s. This archive, compiled by the college's School of Public Affairs and hosted at the William and [...]

25 Years of Progress: Professional Staff Congress/CUNY

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (PSC) published this collection of articles written by Irwin Yellowitz, "professor emeritus of history at City College and a former PSC treasurer." The articles and [...]

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