A participatory project to collect and preserve the histories of the City University of New York

Collection Policy

The overall goals of the CUNY Digital History Archive (CDHA) project are:

  1. To create an open, participatory, digital public archive and portal for the CUNY community and the broader public to contribute, preserve, and have access to historical materials that are relevant to the history of CUNY.
  2. To identify important historical materials that can be contributed to the CDHA.
  3. To assist campuses in prioritizing their archival materials on CUNY history and to begin to digitize those materials.
  4. To offer CDHA as a replicable model for other institutions to use when creating online archives of their own histories.

The CUNY Digital History Archive will:

  1. Create an accessible public resource for all who are students, faculty, and those in the community interested in researching, studying and writing about the rich history of the City University of New York.
  2. Make available already existing digital archival materials — including institutional records, faculty and student papers, and manuscript collections — on the CUNY Digital History Archive (CDHA).
  3. Document untold stories relating to the history of CUNY at the various college campuses and in the Central Office.
  4. Undertake a targeted collections effort–including conducting a series of oral history interviews–to fill in key gaps that exist in the currently archived materials on the history of CUNY.
  5. Work with historians and the  American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning at the CUNY Graduate Center, (the organizer and sponsor of the CDHA) contextualize the historical materials offered in the Archive.


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