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"Equal pay for Equal Work"

This 1994 flyer, produced by the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was an appeal to the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) to stop supporting a two-tiered salaru system. The document detailed inequities in [...]

Letter from the "Adjunct and Part-time Faculty Caucus"

Posted on the walls of John Jay College in 1973, this letter from the Executive Committee of the "Adjunct and Part-time Faculty Caucus" called for broader support from the CUNY community for the dignity and rights of adjunct faculty. In addition to [...]

Oral History Interview with Blanche Wiesen Cook

Blanche Wiesen Cook, Eleanor Roosevelt biographer, grew up in the Bronx and Queens, and attended Hunter College as an undergraduate when it was an all female school. She treasured her time learning from Ruth Weintraub and Mina Rees, whom she [...]

Oral History Interview with Provost Basil Wilson for a History of John Jay College of Criminal Justice

This 1999 videotaped interview with Basil Wilson, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was conducted by Professor Jerry Markowitz for Educating for Justice, a history of John Jay [...]

Crisis at CUNY

As the 1970s wore on, students and faculty at CUNY found themselves faced with an ominous environment. While the open admissions struggle of the late 1960s represented a signal achievement in the struggle to secure democratic access to quality [...]

Letter to the Editor of the New York Times: City University: On the Need to Save John Jay and Hostos

On March 8, 1976 the New York Times published two letters to the editor alongside each other. Acting President of John Jay College, Gerald W. Lynch, wrote to publicly oppose the proposed merger of John Jay College with Baruch College. He argued that [...]

"Black Students Union and Black Organizations Demonstration Against Genocide and Racism"

The Black Students Union and other supportive organizations sponsored a demonstration at the United Nations in April of 1976 to oppose the City University of New York’s proposals to close and merge colleges that mainly served minority communities. [...]

"CUNY Administration Lays Off Hundreds of Faculty" (Left Voice)

Left Voice article written in May 2020 by a Graduate Center PhD candidate and City College faculty member. This document addresses CUNY adjunct layoffs, starting with the 400 adjunct employees laid off at John Jay (what was estimated to be 40% of [...]

"Spare CUNY, and Save the Education our Heroes Deserve" (City Limits)

City Limits article from May 2020, written by three Brooklyn College faculty members, on saving CUNY. The article directly and significantly addressed CUNY students as "heroes" for New York who work in frontline roles: from stocking essentials on [...]

Oral History Interview with Brad Sigal

In this interview, Brad Sigal, who studied at both John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the City College of New York in the 1990s, discussed the intercampus dynamics within the Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM!) and CUNY organizing [...]

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