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Professional Staff Congress (PSC) Response to CUNY Coronavirus Plan

This March 2020 statement from the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) – the union representing 30,000 faculty, staff, and graduate students at the City University of New York (CUNY) – outlined the ambiguities in Chancellor Matos Rodriguez's [...]

Instagram Post: "This is not the time (not [nor] will it ever be) for cuts that affect the most vulnerable people in our community."

This Instagram post from May 2020, at the onset of imposition by the state of austerity measures in the wake of the pandemic, significantly addresses the ways the cuts affect the most vulnerable members of the CUNY community. This item is part of [...]

Tweet: The Same Workers on the Front Line Fighting the Epidemic Are Our Students

This tweet, posted in April 2020 by a CUNY adjunct lecturer, called attention to CUNY students' roles as frontline workers in the pandemic. This point is significant in the discussion of cuts at CUNY affecting students and the broader community. It [...]

Tweet: CUNY and SUNY Faculty and Staff Are Being Asked to Donate 15-20 hrs

This tweet, written in May 2020, documented the fact that CUNY and SUNY faculty and staff were being asked to volunteer their labor to support NYS's Contact Tracing initiative despite drastic cuts in CUNY funding and reductions in contingent workers [...]

Tweet: During the Great Depression CUNY Expanded

This tweet from May 2020, recognized NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams's public support for funding CUNY and his argument that CUNY had expanded during the Great Depression by opening two new senior colleges in Brooklyn and Queens. In addition to [...]

Tweet: NY Boricua Resistance Stands in Solidarity Against Austerity Measures for CUNY

This tweet from May 2020 addressed the New York Boricua [Puerto Rican] Resistance's support for funding CUNY. It is a representation of the external solidarity for CUNY expressed in this moment, connecting CUNY to the broader community and the fight [...]


This tweet from May 2020 described auto caravan protests against cuts at CUNY. It documented community-wide activism and solidarity in support of CUNY's long fight against austerity policies. This item is part of the City University of New York [...]

Another City is Possible

This flyer announces a week of actions in NYC against budget cuts, austerity and global economic justice. May 14th concentrated on education and students with leafleting and picketing for quality public schools, free education and against student [...]

Tweet: Cuts fall most viciously on community colleges

This tweet from August 2020 posted by a Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate spoke out against budget cuts at CUNY, especially those affecting community colleges and low-income students in particular. Focusing specifically on these issues was [...]

Tweet: Infographic About Free CUNY (as it was up until 1976)

This tweet from May 2020 is an infographic, created by the CUNY activist group FreeCUNY, and tweeted out by a CUNY faculty member, depicted the history of CUNY's costs to students until the mid-1970s and the social and economic benefits New York [...]

"CUNY, Public Colleges Face Mass Budget Cuts Under the Shock of COVID-19" (Teen Vogue)

This September 2020 Teen Vogue article written by a CUNY Graduate Center PhD student in Anthropology about the CutCovidNotCUNY movement provides national acknowledgement in a widely circulated public facing magazine with a younger reader base to the [...]

"Cutting Us to the Bone is No Way to Run a University System" (Queens Daily Eagle)

This Queens Eagle article, written in May 2020 by a Queens College professor in the English Department, describes budget cuts at CUNY in general and i as they relate to the history of Queens College in particular. The focus on a single CUNY college [...]

"Looming CUNY Budget Cuts Have Faculty and Students Fearing for the Future" (The City)

This May 2020 article in The City on CUNY budget cuts by a reporter who is also a CUNY alum, included testimonials by various CUNY students as well as provided context for the budget cuts in terms of federal and state funding. It also spoke to the [...]

"Not a Novel Crisis at CUNY" (Gotham Gazette)

This May 2020 Gotham Gazette article by a CUNY College of Staten Island professor, addressed the ways these austerity measures fit into a longer CUNY history of struggle. The article notes that even before the pandemic, CUNY colleges had struggled [...]

Open Letter of Commitment to Resist Cuts at CUNY: No Cuts, No Layoffs, No Class Size Increases, No Non-Reappointments

This widely circulated open letter from Rank and File Action (a group of militant activists at CUNY challenging the culture of austerity in public higher education) argued against budget cuts at CUNY. This document specifically addressed activism in [...]

CUNY Adjuncts, Union, A.O.C .and NYS Lawmakers Demand Jobs and New Taxes on the Rich

This May 2020 PSC slideshow argues for taxing wealthy New Yorkers in order to protect CUNY's budget, documented the increased reliance on contingent labor at CUNY (more than half of the teaching faculty) as well as the planned austerity cuts of up [...]

"International students, Left in the Lurch: New Yorkers Who Desperately Need Help" (NY Daily News)

This July 2020 NY Daily News article by two CUNY graduate students specifically documented issues faced by CUNY international students during the COVID pandemic, given CUNY's budget cuts, online instruction models, and requirements by the U.S. [...]

Tweet: #SaveJobsFundCUNY #CutCovidnotCUNY #MakeBillionairesPay

This Twitter thread from the Professional Staff Congress documents the caravan to save jobs and fund CUNY; it includes images of protestors on foot, bike, and by car, signaling onlookers to take stock of the #SaveJobsFundCUNY, #CutCovidnotCUNY [...]

"CUNY Administration Lays Off Hundreds of Faculty" (Left Voice)

Left Voice article written in May 2020 by a Graduate Center PhD candidate and City College faculty member. This document addresses CUNY adjunct layoffs, starting with the 400 adjunct employees laid off at John Jay (what was estimated to be 40% of [...]

"Spare CUNY, and Save the Education our Heroes Deserve" (City Limits)

City Limits article from May 2020, written by three Brooklyn College faculty members, on saving CUNY. The article directly and significantly addressed CUNY students as "heroes" for New York who work in frontline roles: from stocking essentials on [...]

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