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A letter from the CUNY Adjuncts Unite!

In a concerted effort to unite across campuses, CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU) organizers wrote a letter to the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) leadership in June 1997 about their concerns, which included poor outreach and a lack of information about [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (February 1998)

This February 1998 CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter announced a demonstration for paid adjunct office hours and encouraged people to send timesheets that included unpaid office hours. In addition, it explained why CUNY had an incentive to contest [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (May 1998)

This May 1998 CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter included an update on the International Adjunct Conference as well as an announcement about the decision to hold a Professional Staff Congress (PSC) referendum. Also covered was information about how [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (December 1998)

This newsletter, produced by CUNY Adjunct Unite! (CAU), discussed the PSC's alleged accusations against both CAU and The Adjunct Project for violating New York State's Taylor Law. The article argued that CAU is an independent organization and [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (February 1999)

This February 1998 CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter responded to the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) Vice President Richard Boris's positions on adjunct labor at CUNY in relation to the recently ratified contract expressed in the December 1998 issue [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (March 1999)

The March 1999 CUNY Adjunct Alert! Newsletter illustrated the tension between activist group, CUNY Adjuncts Unite!, and the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) leadership, in particular, President Irwin Polishook. The article, entitled “Irwin’s [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (September 1999)

The September 1999 issue of the CUNY Adjunct Alert discussed the importance of the grievance process and offered updates on a referendum on automatic dues deduction and adjunct health insurance.CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU), an independent coalition of [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (March/April 2000)

This March 2000 edition of CUNY Adjunct Alert, in addition to covering late pay and adjunct voting rights, presented a "report card on the Slates and Candidates" of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) union election. The City University Unity [...]

CUNY Adjunct Alert (September 2000)

This September 2000 CUNY Adjunct Alert, announced an "Adjunct Awareness Campaign." in light of the newly-elected Professional Staff Congress (PSC) leadership, who were, according to the newsletter, “following through on their campaign promises to [...]

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