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CUNY Adjunct Alert (December 1998)

This newsletter, produced by CUNY Adjunct Unite! (CAU), discussed the PSC's alleged accusations against both CAU and The Adjunct Project for violating New York State's Taylor Law. The article argued that CAU is an independent organization and therefore not under the purview of the Taylor law. CAU also accused the PSC of discouraging adjuncts from becoming union members.

CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU) , an independent coalition of CUNY part-timers, founded in 1997, produced the CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter. The Adjunct Project, founded in 1994, was an activity of the Doctoral Student Council (DSC). It was established to advocate on behalf of, to disseminate information to, and to educate Graduate School and University Center (GSUC) student adjuncts on issues pertaining to their academic employment.

Source | Newfield, Marcia
Creator | CUNY Adjuncts Unite!
Date Created | December 1998
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