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CUNY Adjunct Alert (September 2000)

This September 2000 CUNY Adjunct Alert, announced an "Adjunct Awareness Campaign." in light of the newly-elected Professional Staff Congress (PSC) leadership, who were, according to the newsletter, “following through on their campaign promises to advocate for adjuncts.” Also, noted were a healthcare, disability, unemployment outreach project, CAU’s joining the National Alliance for Fair Employment (NAFFE), and the forthcoming Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) conference.

CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU), an independent coalition of CUNY part-timers founded in 1997, produced the CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter.

The National Alliance for Fair Employment (NAFFE) consisted of over 40 organizations fighting conditions associated with contingent work.

Source | Newfield, Marcia
Creator | CUNY Adjuncts Unite!
Date Created | September 2000
Rights | Public Domain.
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