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CUNY Adjunct Alert (March 1999)

The March 1999 CUNY Adjunct Alert! Newsletter illustrated the tension between activist group, CUNY Adjuncts Unite!, and the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) leadership, in particular, President Irwin Polishook. The article, entitled “Irwin’s Rules of Order,” cited several alleged procedural infractions, which included the Delegate Assembly's rejection of CUNYTALK, supporting the recruitment of new members and supporting objective external vote counting. In addition, in a "Letter, to the Editor", Myrna D. Bain asked why both full- and part-time CUNY faculty “skirt our mutually unresolved questions on class and caste …”

CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU) an independent coalition of CUNY part-timers, founded in 1997, produced the CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter,.

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC) is the CUNY faculty and research staff union.

Source | Newfield, Marcia
Creator | CUNY Adjuncts Unite!
Date Created | March 1999
Item Type | Text (Newspaper / Magazine / Journal)
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