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CUNY Adjunct Alert (February 1998)

This February 1998 CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter announced a demonstration for paid adjunct office hours and encouraged people to send timesheets that included unpaid office hours. In addition, it explained why CUNY had an incentive to contest adjunct's unemployment insurance claims. Other topics discussed included organizing undergraduate students and required departmental meetings for adjuncts.

CUNY Adjuncts Unite! (CAU), an independent coalition of CUNY part-timers founded in 1997, produced the CUNY Adjunct Alert newsletter.

Creator | CUNY Adjuncts Unite!
Date Created | February 1998
Item Type | Text (Newspaper / Magazine / Journal)
Cite This document | CUNY Adjuncts Unite!, “CUNY Adjunct Alert (February 1998),” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed March 2, 2024,


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