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Oral History Interview with Cecelia McCall

This interview with Cecelia McCall focuses on her involvement with the New Caucus and its eventual rise to leadership in the Professional Staff Congress. In 2000 the New Caucus ran against the City University Union Caucus, which had been in leadership since 1972, and won. Cecelia was the secretary from 2000 until her retirement in 2007, working in collaboration with the other three officers to fight for the University and its constituency, which included Full-time faculty, Higher Education Officers, Adjuncts and College Lab Technicians, among others. This interview outlines Cecelia's thoughts on the challenges and successes the New Caucus' experienced during the early years of its leadership.

Source | Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (PSC)
Creators | Yellowitz, Irwin; McCall, Cecelia
Date Created | March 23, 2016
Interviewer | Yellowitz, Irwin
Interviewee | McCall, Cecelia
Rights | Obtain From Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (PSC)
Item Type | Oral History (Digital)
Cite This document | Yellowitz, Irwin and McCall, Cecelia, “Oral History Interview with Cecelia McCall,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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