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BWCO Response to President Kneller on Daycare

Responding to the dismissive tone of a letter from Brooklyn College President John Kneller's office, the Brooklyn College Women's Organization (BCWO) wrote: "The tone and content of the letter...does not convey the cooperative spirit of which you assured us verbally at our meeting." The letter goes on to address the way that organizers were "re-routed...omit(ting) any answer to the request for which your office would be the most clearly appropriate route." This document showcases the tenacity of Brooklyn College's feminist activists, who sought accountability from the administration in their efforts to achieve adequate childcare, end employment discrimination based on sex and maternity leave, and to establish a women's studies program at Brooklyn College.

Source | Bridenthal, Renate
Creator | Brooklyn College Women's Organization
Date Created | March 31, 1971
Rights | Obtain From Bridenthal, Renate
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
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