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Letter from BCWO to President Kneller on Sex Discrimination

This letter to Brooklyn College president John Kneller informs him of the Brooklyn College Women's Organization's (BCWO) formation of "a Discrimination Committee to investigate charges of sex discrimination against any woman on campus, having recourse to the legally established machinery." In addition, this letter from BCWO delegates Renate Bridenthal, Lilia Melani, and Allis Wolfe makes the following three demands of the administration: 1. Day and night care for children of students, faculty, and staff; 2. A resolution on maternity leave non-discrimination; and 3. The inauguration of an interdisciplinary Women's Studies Program. Both the tone and the objectives shed light onto the ways that feminist organizers saw their role as activists within the academy, their vision for improving the lives of women students and faculty, and their roadmap for accomplishing such lofty goals in the face of the structural inequalities they faced.

Source | Bridenthal, Renate
Creator | Brooklyn College Women's Organization
Date Created | March 2, 1971
Rights | Obtain From Bridenthal, Renate
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
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