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Oral History Interview with Renate Bridenthal

This oral history interview with Renate Bridenthal, a founding member of the Brooklyn College Women’s Organization, discusses the political climate at Brooklyn College from the 1960s through the 1980s amidst the historical backdrop of the various social movements of the time. Based on her personal experience as a young woman academic who was involved in feminist initiatives and the anti-war protests of the 60s and 70s, Renate offers insight into a range of women's issues on campus as well as her vivid recollections of the struggle to spearhead a Women’s Studies Program, establish a Women’s Center and daycare center, and legally address gender discrimination at CUNY. In reflecting on the work, she states, “It was very empowering to know that if you’re a collective…if you really, as a group, are on the same page, if you’re determined…that’s going to work!”

Source | CUNY Digital History Archive
Creators | Vasquez, Andrea; Calou, Yana
Date Created | April 21, 2016
Interviewers | Calou, Yana; Vásquez, Andrea
Interviewee | Bridenthal, Renate
Rights | Obtain From CUNY Digital History Archive
Item Type | Oral History (Digital)
Cite This document | Vasquez, Andrea and Calou, Yana, “Oral History Interview with Renate Bridenthal ,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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