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Student Drawing Depicting a Brooklyn College Student Protest at Brooklyn College to Determine Who the Chairperson Would Be

A drawing illustrating how Puerto Rican student activists at Brooklyn College (BC) imagined themselves guarding the Department of Puerto Rican Studies in protest of President John Kneller's decision in 1974 not to hire María Sánchez as the [...]

October 24, 1974 Letter from Brooklyn College President John W. Kneller announcing he will take no action regarding the student occupation of the BC Registrar's office

In this October 24, 1975 letter to the Brooklyn College (BC) community BC President John W. Kneller announced that the occupation of the Registrar's Office was "a closed issue" and that he would not enforce disciplinary actions against any students [...]

October24 , 1974 Statement from Brooklyn College President John Kneller detailing his response to the student-led takeover of the BC Registrar's Office

This October 24, 1974 statement sent from President John W. Kneller detailed the steps the BC administration took in response to a student-led, multi-day takeover of the BC Registrars Office. Earlier in the month Puerto Rican and African American [...]

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