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STRIKE!, Prism, 1971

Prism was the Borough of Manhattan Community College's annual yearbook. This 35 page chapter from the 1971 edition details the student strike that, in May 1970, temporarily shut down the college and resulted in 58 arrests. Filled with photos, drawings, poetry, and essays, it vividly portrays the politicized atmosphere of the college.

Faculty members, including Jim Perlstein, Bill Friedheim, and Naomi Woronov, supported the students who shut down the school and even slept overnight, in the occupied buildings.

Student leaders, including Louis Chessimard and Maria Ramos, had long lists of demands. Along with the "'regular demands' (withdraw all troops from Southeast Asia, free all political prisoners, cut all ties with the United States' 'war machine,' which seem to top everyone's list nowadays,...," their local demands included a call for a campus day care center and their opposition to tuition fee increases.

Interesting and representative of the overall political climate, this story was not supressed or diminished but, instead, it received this thorough coverage in the school's yearbook shortly after having taken place.

Source | Perlstein, Jim
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