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NY Closeup - End of Remediation at CUNY (1/26/1999)

This clip from NY1's NY Closeup focuses on the topic of remediation at CUNY. On the night prior to the show's broadcast on January 26, 1999, CUNY trustees approved a plan to remove remedial education at the university's eleven senior colleges. Moderated by Sam Roberts, this episode features a discussion between Roberts, Dr. Anne Paolucci and Herman Badillo, two members of CUNY's Board of Trustees who voted in favor of the move.

As was consistent through much of Rudolph Giuliani's mayorality in the 1990s, city officials frequently leveled criticisms at the CUNY system focusing on its entrance standards and the remediation programs it offered. The move to eliminate remediation had long been a goal of the mayor, a staunch critic of the university system.
Source | Cooper, Sandi
Creator | NY1
Date Created | January 26, 1999
Item Type | Video/Moving Image (VHS)
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