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"Will Everyman Destroy the University?"

In this article, CUNY’s new Vice Chancellor Timothy Healy writes of SEEK as both a practical and theoretical model for open admissions. He cites the success of the program--intended to improve higher education access for the underserved--as proof to skeptical community leaders that the newly expanded CUNY would not become a revolving door that further victimized disadvantaged black and Latino students. In Healy’s view, without “SEEK the idea of open admissions would never have been born [and] without SEEK the operation could well fail.”

Short for "Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge," SEEK was formally established in 1966 as a CUNY-wide program to assist disadvantaged students who might otherwise lack the opportunity to study at a four-year college.

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Source | CUNY Central Archives
Creator | Healy, Timothy S.
Date Created | December 20, 1969
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