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Free University Week - 1st Annual May Day Course Descriptions

This pamphlet features workshops, teach-ins and events planned for the 1st annual Free University of New York City on May 1, 2012, in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, NY. In addition to talks by David Harvey, David Graeber, Francis Fox Piven, Chris Hedges, a wide array of classes ranging from Occupydrama to OccupyAlgebra were offered. Alternative banking, intersectionality of oppressions, and open source hardware and software were some of the diverse themes, explored by participants. In addition to time slots the schedule offers brief descriptions of each class.

The Free University of New York City is an experiment in radical education building on the historic tradition of movement freedom schools. The project was born out of the conviction that the current system of higher education is as unequal as it is unsustainable, while vast sources of knowledge across communities are all-too-hidden and undervalued. First conceived as a form of educational strike in the run up to May Day 2012, the Free University has since organized numerous days of free crowd-sourced education in community centers, museums, parks, public spaces, and subway stations in New York City.

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