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"New CCNY Song"

Published in the March 1936 edition of Teacher and Worker, the lyrics from this parody song mock City College of New York (CCNY) President Frederick B. Robinson and his efforts to keep "our alma mater pure," often through the supression of free expression on campus.

Throughout the decade, President Robinson and left-wing student activists were continually in conflict and the song makes reference to several incidents. The events referenced include: Robinson's expulsion of students following protests ("expelling all fanaticals"), his calling in the police on May 29, 1933 student rally ("who changed it to an altercation"), his assault on students with his umbrella at that same rally ("flayed the bearded aliens all / with your trusty parisol"), his invitation and welcoming of representatives from Mussolini's government ("Duce's fascist delegation"), and his dismissal of protesting students as "guttersnipes."

The Teacher and Worker was a monthly publication created by the Communist Party Unit of the City College.

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Creator | Teacher and Worker
Date Created | March 1936
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