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Who's the Real Enemy?

Featuring images of Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds, Governor Mario Cuomo, and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, this two-sided flyer from 1991 asked, "Who's the real enemy?". "All of the above" was the answer because "they are all [three] willing to sacrifice their people for the power of a few. . . ." Using bullet points, the student organizers outlined what cuts were being imposed, what was at stake for the City University of New York (CUNY), and the hidden political agenda behind the cuts. Cuomo's proposal called for steep decreases in funding for education, healthcare, and beyond, while students proposed taxing the rich and fighting for new social priorities.

Source | McCaffrey, Katherine
Date Created | 1991 (Circa)
Rights | Copyright McCaffrey, Katherine
Item Type | Text (Poster / Flier / Leaflet)
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