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Etceteras Newspaper Volume 0 Number 0

Following the Graduate Center takeover, Etceteras Vol.0 No.0 featured reflections and commentary on the "Occupation 1991," which had lasted over a week. Various students from multiple programs not actively involved in the takeover of the Graduate Center expressed their frustration, anger, and misgivings. Tamer Avcilar of the Doctoral Student Council (DSC) stated that the takeover was an "act committed by several students who were able to take advantage of a vacuum of power" and lamented the elected officials of the DSC inability to take action. Juliette Kennedy in Feminist Strikers wrote of the fear of speaking out at the daily general assemblies and the self-righteousness of the organizers, while in "Amateur Hour," Evan Stark argued that "lacking grassroots support, the building occupation defeated itself." Stanley Aronowitz, a professor in Sociology, offered a geopolitical analogy and defended the students in their actions, as he acknowledged that the intended audience was not the legislators but rather the press, who may not have responded to more traditional modes of protest. However, to Aronowitz, the event's main success was the direct democracy that was practiced and the possibility that CUNY could become a leading "innovator in pedagogy and curriculum."

Source | McCaffrey, Katherine
Date Created | May 1991
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