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Minutes from 4/8/1965 CCNY Faculty Council Meeting

In these notes from a liberal arts and sciences faculty council meeting at City College, CCNY President Gallagher describes a tentative plan to admit 100 “disadvantaged” students into an experimental program in fall 1965. After discussion, the faculty authorizes Chancellor Bowker to appoint a joint committee with the school of education to a plan and launch a CUNY-wide expansion of CCNY's experimental program that, in 1966, would become the SEEK program.

Source | CCNY Archives & Special Collections
Creator | Peatman, John G.
Date Created | April 8, 1969
Rights | Public Domain.
Item Type | Text (Notes / Minutes)
Cite This document | Peatman, John G., “Minutes from 4/8/1965 CCNY Faculty Council Meeting,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed January 28, 2023,

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