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Student Coalition Rally & Peaceful Walk Through

Distributed by the Student Coalition, this handout demands that Queens College students be granted access to walk through the Social Sciences Building. The building, housing President McMurray's office, had been the site of student occupation since March 1969. Those efforts, led by members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Ad Hoc Committee were pointedly criticized in this flier distributed on May 16th.

Queens College's Student Coalition belonged to the larger New York Regional Coalition of Students and Faculty, an organization of anti-protest groups from campuses across the New York metropolitan area. These students frequently came from varying sides of the political spectrum and stood firmly opposed to campus disruptions brought on by other more radical students.

Source | Queens College Special Collections and Archives
Creator | Student Coalition
Date Created | May 16, 1969
Rights | Obtain From Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)
Item Type | Text (Flier / Leaflet (1 or 2 page handout))
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