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Oral History Interview with Stella Zahn, Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

In this impromptu interview conducted on July 27, 2013, Stella Zahn discusses the mission, students, and founding years of the Sophie Davis Biomedical School established in 1973. Stella was initially hired to be Director of Student Services but eventually became Director of Recruitment. She speaks warmly of Dean Gellhorn and describes the way in which he structured the school's curriculum as well as his commitment to increasing the number of minority students entering the medical field. In addition, she remembers the difficulties the students had, included long commutes and home environments that were not conducive to studying. She recalls allowing female students to live with her as they studied for their board exams. Recorded in Woodstock, New York, beside a stream, the interview ends abruptly after 15 minutes.

Source | CUNY Digital History Archive
Creator | Vasquez, Andrea
Date Created | July 26, 2013
Interviewers | Vásquez, Andrea
Interviewees | Zahn, Stella
Rights | Copyright CUNY Digital History Archive Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Item Type | Oral History (Digital)
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