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Spirit Magazine, April 1975

These selections are from the April 1975 issue of the York College student-run Spirit Magazine. The publication typically focused on the concerns and needs of the college's large black student population.

The magazine's cover features Joanne Little, an African American woman charged with the murder of a white prison guard in a North Carolina jail in 1974. A lengthy article in this issue details the state's desire for the death penalty. Several months after the magazine's' printing, however, a jury found Little not guilty by way of self-defense. 

Among the other items included is an article detailing the Pan African Skills Project, an initiative created to bring skilled workers to places like Tanzania. The program's recruitment process and history are described in some detail. In another article, a York College student attempts to investigate claims of racism and discrimination on campus. Alleging, among other things, questionable hiring practices on the part of the college's administration, the article concludes that the present instructional staff, for several reasons, fails to contribute to the larger Jamaican community outside of the school.

Finally, a memorial piece can be found for Clifford Glover, a 10-year old boy killed by a police officer in Jamaica, Queens in 1973. His death, which came as he was running away, the officer's later acquittal, and the riots that followed all remained in the neighborhood's collective memory in subsequent years.

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