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Handwritten Inter-office Memo from Porter R. Chandler to Chancellor Albert Bowker

This handwritten memo from Porter R. Chandler, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education, "most emphatically" suggests that Albert Bowker, Chancellor of CUNY, accede to the requests of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Coalition leaders. Those requests, expressed in a June 18th telegram from Al Vann, called for the furnishing of funds and space for use by the community's representatives on the Presidential Selection Committee. Over the course of Medgar Evers College's creation, CUNY officials and Bedford-Stuyvesant community members repeatedly clashed, and this particular dispute is just one such example of the several that arose from the community's efforts to exert influence over their college's development.

Source | CLAGS Archive
Creator | Board of Higher Education
Date Created | July 1968 (Circa)
Rights | Obtain From CLAGS Archive
Item Type | Text (Memorandum)
Cite This document | Board of Higher Education, “Handwritten Inter-office Memo from Porter R. Chandler to Chancellor Albert Bowker,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed June 16, 2019,

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