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Brooklyn College Acting President Peck's April 18, 1969 Letter Indicating a Meeting Scheduled to Discuss the Students' 18 Demands

This April 18, 1969 letter from Acting BC President George Peck confirmed his office's open communications with Puerto Rican and African-American student activists regarding the 18 demands presented by the students earlier in April. This item is [...]

May 5, 1969 Memo from Brooklyn College Acting President George Peck discussing input from BC student government about student suspensions

This May 5, 1969 memo from Brooklyn College (BC) Acting President George Peck alerted the BC campus about the role and responsibilities of the student government of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) regarding student suspensions. The memo [...]

May 9, 1969 Announcement from Acting President George Peck alerting the Brooklyn College community that the NYPD would patrol the campus

On May 9, 1969 Acting Brooklyn College (BC) President George Peck announced the role of the NY Police Department in response to the student-led movement at. The document described various protest strategies and acts of civil disobedience coordinated [...]

May 14, 1969 Letter from Brooklyn College Acting President George Peck Announcing a Bail Review for Indicted Brooklyn College Students

A May 14, 1969 memo from Brooklyn College (BC) Acting President George Peck informed the college community about a bail review for BC students arrested during protests on the campus. The memo also stated Peck's commitment to confer with student [...]

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