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COEH & NYCHA Proposal

This document from July 2000 offers the terms for a proposal between Hunter College's Center for Environmental and Occupational Health and New York City's Housing Authority. The plan to train 100 NYCHA residents on environmental clean up included benchmarks for course enrollment and certifications required for graduating participants. The proposal is just one example of the many different avenues through which the COEH worked with communities in the city.

Officially founded in 1990, the COEH spent decades dedicating itself to promoting community and workplace health throughout the New York area. It offered courses on topics ranging from asthma to ergonomics for unions, neighborhood groups, public employees, and others.

Source | Center for Environmental and Occupational Health at Hunter College
Creator | New York City Housing Authority
Date Created | July 25, 2000
Rights | Copyright Center for Environmental and Occupational Health at Hunter College Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Item Type | Text (Report / Paper / Proposal)
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