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The Education Law: Chapter 407 of New York State Law (1926)

This 1926 amendment to the education law legislatively establishes the legal mandate to create the Board of Higher Education and thereby reasserts free tuition as a democratic right. It offers insights into how certain policy changes paved the way for the creation of a consolidated municipal system of higher education.

In article 44-A the Board of Higher Education is established as a separate entity from the Board of Education in cities with populations greater one million people. It is granted power and duties such as the acquisition of new sites and the approval of all courses. The law also outlines how funding is to be appropriated from the city to the board. Only in 1961 will the education law be repealed replacing free tuition with a Scholarly Incentive Program.

Creator | New York State
Date Created | 1926
Rights | Public Domain.
Item Type | Text (Resolution / Legislation)
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