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Cottrell Report: Public Higher Education in the City of New York

This 48-page report provides a comprehensive survey of New York City's higher educational institutions in 1950 and its outlook over the next two decades. Commissioned by the Board of Higher Education, the study sought to identify, anticipate, and analyze the issues that the changing city would face in higher education. Divided into four chapters, the report's main findings are found in the first chapter which presents the group's general recommendations and conclusions. The majority of the findings related to ways to satisfy increased demand for higher education across the city's five boroughs. Especially interesting are the suggested capital projects which offered ideas meant to increase the capacities of the city's municipal colleges. Appendices in the back of the report provide additional insights into the population and student makeup of the colleges at mid-century.

Creators | Cottrell, Donald P.; Rondileau, Adrian; Schumer, Leo S.
Date Created | 1950
Rights | Public Domain.
Item Type | Text (Report / Paper / Proposal)
Cite This document | Cottrell, Donald P., Rondileau, Adrian, and Schumer, Leo S., “Cottrell Report: Public Higher Education in the City of New York,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 11, 2019,

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