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Occupy City University of NY Students and Faculty Protest

Ken Nash of the syndicated radio program, Building Bridges is in conversation with Hector Agredano (Occupy CUNY), Emma Francis-Snyder(Occupy CUNY), and Barbara Bowen (President of CUNY Professional Staff Congress) in this December 2011 30-minute audio report, discussing protests at Baruch college which ended with security and police clashing with protestors.

Even though these meetings were legally obligated to be open to the public, Baruch's president announced that the Vertical Campus would be closed to almost everyone by 3pm. However, protestors reclaimed CUNY on the outside, and exposed the Board's illegitimate actions inside. Police violence had already occurred at Baruch, in response to protests about tuition hikes, and unfair labor practices targeted toward adjunct and other faculty, and the privatization of the public CUNY system but protestors stood firm for their right to free speech and assembly.

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