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Letter to Queens College Professional Staff

This letter was issued to the professional staff in the Paul Klapper Library at Queens College on April 15, 1969. Three days earlier, the college's Biology Caucus proposed the creation of an inter-departmental committee composed of faculty and students from each department in the college. As the notice states, however, the library department did not have students and so it was requested they provide additional staff representation. The committee, it was hoped, was to be convened in effort to rectify the ongoing student showdown with campus administration that saw regular demonstrations on campus between March and May 1969.

Creator | Paul Klapper Library
Date Created | April 15, 1969
Rights | Obtain From Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
Cite This document | Paul Klapper Library, “Letter to Queens College Professional Staff,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 7, 2019,

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