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Resolution Meeting Notes-Second Session

These handwritten notes, taken by an unknown faculty member, are from the second session of the Personnel and Budget (P&B) meeting held on April 17, 1969. They give an account of the happenings of the meeting, beginning with summarized statements from right-leaning members of the student population including the president of the college's Young Republicans club.

As evident from the document, the meeting's agenda was largely informed by the continuing student unrest on Queens College's campus and the administration's continued inability to satisfy the demands of the student protestors. The protestors, arguing in favor of dismissed faculty and other previously punished student activists, were a regular presence on campus in March/April 1969.

Source | Queens College Special Collections and Archives
Creator | Unknown
Date Created | April 17, 1969
Rights | Obtain From Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)
Item Type | Text (Notes / Minutes)
Cite This document | Unknown, “Resolution Meeting Notes-Second Session,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 6, 2019,

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