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Brooklyn College Women's Organization Members List

The Brooklyn College Women's Organization (BCWO) was the first organized group of women faculty at Brooklyn College, brought together across departments to address women's issues at the university. BCWO was the birthplace of feminist activity and initiatives at the college, including the Women's Studies Program, the Women's Center, the Day Care Collective, and the CUNY wide sex discrimination lawsuit campaign, led by BCWO member Lilia Melani. In her oral history, program co-founder under Renate Bridenthal remembers stuffing flyers in the mailboxes of women faculty across the college for the BCWO first meeting that was attended by many on this list.

Source | Bridenthal, Renate
Creator | Brooklyn College Women's Organization
Date Created | 1973
Rights | Obtain From Bridenthal, Renate
Item Type | Text (Notes / Minutes)
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