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"Students, Professors, and Community People were 'Arrested' By Orders of All Deans"

This 1975 flier, produced in English and Spanish, announced the arrest of those who occupied Hostos Community College in protest of the Board of Higher Education's decision to close it. This flier blames those arrests on the school's administration and President at the time.

In 1975, in response to the New York City fiscal crisis, Hostos Community College was slated to merge with Bronx Community College in order to dramatically cut spending. It was this threat that led to the second iteration of organizing to save Hostos. Determined to preserve Hostos for the South Bronx as a place for students to pursue a bilingual higher education, students, faculty, and community groups joined forces to keep Hostos open for a community that wanted and needed it.

Source | Hostos Community College Archives
Creator | Unknown
Date Created | 1975
Rights | Obtain From Unknown
Item Type | Still Image (Drawing)
Cite This document | Unknown, “"Students, Professors, and Community People were 'Arrested' By Orders of All Deans",” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 10, 2019,


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