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Save Open Admissions Teach-in - Cultural Festival

This flier by Brooklyn College SLAM! members promoted an event on campus celebrating the diversity of the student body with a cultural festival and teach-in about open admissions. The event was planned to mobilize and educate students on campus and to draw students for a rally later that afternoon outside the Board of Trustees meeting at which a major decision on open admissions would be made.

Source | Subways, Suzy
Creator | Brooklyn College SLAM!
Date Created | March 1998 (Circa)
Rights | Obtain From Brooklyn College SLAM!
Item Type | Text (Flier / Leaflet (1 or 2 page handout))
Cite This document | Brooklyn College SLAM!, “Save Open Admissions Teach-in - Cultural Festival,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed November 30, 2023,

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