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Irwin Polishook Biographical Video

Commissioned by the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) in February 2000 on the occasion of Irwin Polishook’s retirement from the PSC, this video was created to highlight Polishook’s contributions to the PSC and beyond.

Serving first as the founding vice president of the PSC, the union which represents CUNY's faculty and staff, Polishook was elected president in 1976, a position that he held for 24 years. The video celebrates many of Polishook’s accomplishments over the course of his career, including his navigation of the union through the fiscal crisis of the 1970s. While Polishook’s impact was most felt within CUNY, his work with the American Federation of Teachers, the larger union to which the PSC is affiliated, brought him in contact with many influential leaders.
Creator | City University Television (CUNY-TV)
Date Created | February 2000
Director | Yellowitz, Irwin (writer/director)
Item Type | Moving Image
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