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"Don't Sign Away Your Contract!"

In this item, the Legislative Conference (LC) voices disapproval of the ongoing efforts by the rival United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT) to replace the two bargaining units and two contracts that resulted from the collective bargaining elections and contract negotiations of 1968-69. The LC warns of the danger of a new collective bargaining election, including the possibility of a termination of the contracts of 1969, which were scheduled to run until August 31, 1972.

The UFCT had desired the election of a single unit to represent all of faculty and staff at CUNY. The LC, meanwhile, preferred that any change in the representation of the faculty and staff come through negotiations with the UFCT, a process that guaranteed that the LC’s interests would be protected. They were against a new election, the outcome of which was uncertain. Ultimately, the two groups would agree to a merger in April 1972, forming the Professional Staff Congress (PSC).

Source | Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Creator | Legislative Conference
Date Created | April 1971
Rights | Obtain From Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Item Type | Text (Flier / Leaflet (1 or 2 page handout))
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