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"City U.'s Merged Union Set To Act for 15,000 on Staff"

This article from the New York Times reports on the merger of the Legislative Conference (LC) and the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT), the two bargaining agents for CUNY faculty and staff. Together they combined to form the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) in April 1972. The piece supplies background information on the situation at CUNY since the first union contracts were signed in 1969 and details how each union was spending time and valuable resources fighting the other instead of winning a good contract for its respective members. Following the merger, the new union would become the largest campus union in the country.

Source | Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
Creator | Farber, M.A.
Date Created | April 16, 1972
Rights | Copyright New York Times
Item Type | Text (Article / Essay)
Cite This document | Farber, M.A., “"City U.'s Merged Union Set To Act for 15,000 on Staff",” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 10, 2019,

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