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Handbook for Teachers of Deaf/Hard-Of-Hearing Students

This is a handbook that was created for use by professors at LaGuardia Community College who had "a deaf or hard-of-hearing student in his/her class." The guidebook seeks to educate its readers on the realities of life with a hearing disability while shattering some existing myths. The authors include FAQs regarding "special considerations" for Deaf students including focus on the frequent need for in-class interpreters. The book also includes tips on classroom layout, communication techniques, and ways in which to engage Deaf students within existing teaching styles.

LaGuardia Community College's commitment to education for the deaf can be traced to the early 1970s, and represented just one of the school's many efforts to provide opportunities for underserved populations within its Continuing Education division.

Source | Khan, Fern
Creator | Committee on Teaching Deaf Students More Effectively
Rights | Obtain From Khan, Fern
Item Type | Text (Curricular Material)
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