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"Post-Secondary Education and the Non-Traditional Deaf Student"

This is the text of a May 1988 presentation prepared by Desiree Duda, academic coordinator of Programs for Deaf Adults at LaGuardia Community College, for the Conference on Post Secondary Education for Hearing Impaired Students. The presentation considers three types of "non-traditional" deaf students: ESL (English as a Second Language) students without educational experience in the U.S., those who entered the education system late, and those unprepared to work with others of "diverse backgrounds." Duda speaks of LaGuardia Community College's experience teaching each group, citing the college's different approaches and offering her own observations about effective teaching.

The college's commitment to educating deaf students began in 1974 and became a noteworthy component of its Continuing Education division.

Source | Khan, Fern
Creator | Duda, Desiree
Date Created | May 9, 1988
Rights | Obtain From Khan, Fern
Item Type | Text (Report / Paper / Proposal)
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