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Letter from Frederick H. Burkhardt to Al Vann

This is a letter from Frederick H. Burkhardt, chairman of the Committee to Seek Presidents for Community Colleges Seven and Eight, to Al Vann, chairman of the Steering Committee of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Coalition. In it, Burkhardt informs Vann that the functions of his search committee will be expanded to include decisions relating to the planning and activation of the college. As its name suggests, the "Committee to Seek Presidents..." was initially tasked only with the responsibility of selecting a president for the college.

With its increased responsibility, the committee was expanded to include five members from the Bedford-Stuyvesant community in addition to the five existing representatives from the Board of Higher Education. The community's placement on the committee was a hard-won success for Bedford-Stuyvesant leaders in what was a protracted struggle with CUNY administration over the role of the community in the college's creation.

Source | CLAGS Archive
Creator | Burkhardt, Frederick H.
Date Created | April 3, 1968
Rights | Obtain From CLAGS Archive
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
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