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Letter from Porter R. Chandler to Walter Pinkston

In this letter from Porter R. Chandler, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education, to Walter Pinkston, Executive Director of Bedford Stuyvesant Youth in Action, Chandler informs the community leader that he will confer with the Board on the ways in which consultation with the Bedford-Stuyvesant community is to take place. The letter follows a telegram from Pinkston demanding a halt to all planning until a meeting could be arranged with the newly formed Bedford-Stuyvesant Coalition. The Coalition was tasked with representing community interests during the formation of Medgar Evers College, a role that would sometimes lead to contention with CUNY officials.

Source | CLAGS Archive
Creator | Chandler, Porter R.
Date Created | February 20, 1968
Rights | Copyright CLAGS Archive
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
Cite This document | Chandler, Porter R. , “Letter from Porter R. Chandler to Walter Pinkston,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed May 18, 2022,

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