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Letter from CUNY Chancellor Albert Bowker to Hon. Shirley Chisholm

This is the second letter sent on February 12, 1968 from CUNY Chancellor Albert Bowker. This letter, addressed to Assemblywoman Shirley Chisholm, informs her that though he regrets not having attended the February 10th meeting at Decatur JHS, he has received a comprehensive report from his staff and is committed to community involvement in the creation of the new college. Bowker had been earlier invited to the meeting at the urgent request of Walter Pinkston, a community leader, who felt it necessary for the community to voice their concerns and desires for the proposed college.

Source | CLAGS Archive
Creator | Bowker, Albert
Date Created | February 12, 1968
Rights | Obtain From CLAGS Archive
Item Type | Text (Diary / Correspondence)
Cite This document | Bowker, Albert , “Letter from CUNY Chancellor Albert Bowker to Hon. Shirley Chisholm,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed December 11, 2019,

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