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Press Release – A New Experimental College

In this press release, The City University of New York's Office of University Relations announces the creation of a new, experimental, two-year college to be "established on a community-oriented basis in central Brooklyn." The press release coincided with a formal announcement made by CUNY officials at the office of the Brooklyn Borough President on February 1, 1968. The news of CUNY's plan would quickly reach the ears of Bedford-Stuyvesant community leaders, such as Walter Pinkston and Al Vann, who felt the university had not had any early consultation with the very community it had planned to center the new college around. The desire for a participatory role in the college's creation would persist throughout the college's formative years and, ultimately, it would define the development of Community College No. 7 (later named Medgar Evers College).

Source | CLAGS Archive
Creator | MacFarland, Lois
Date Created | February 1, 1968
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