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Letter from Dr. Shirley Hune to Hunter President Jennifer J. Raab

This letter was written by Dr. Shirley Hune on April 19, 2017, and addressed to Hunter College President Jennifer J. Raab. In the letter, Dr. Hune, who was instrumental to the development of Asian American studies at Hunter during her time as Assistant Provost (1990-1992), condemns Hunter's lack of commitment and investment in Asian American studies following their failure to meet student demands for an Asian American Studies Department and major and the non-reappointment of Jennifer Hayashida, director of the Asian American Studies Program (AASP).

The non-reappointment of AASP director Jennifer Hayashida in 2017 alongside other efforts to restructure the AASP sparked deep concern over the future of the program. CRAASH called upon the Asian American/Asian American studies community to write to Hunter administrators in protest of the active dismantling of the AASP in the context of a long history of institutional neglect of a program that has, as Hune writes, made Hunter a leader in ethnic studies.

The Hunter College Asian American Studies Program (AASP) was established in 1993. As the only academic program in Asian American studies in the CUNY system, the AASP offers a minor in Asian American Studies and other resources and programming. The AASP supports scholars, artists, and activists advancing scholarship in the fields of Asian American studies and critical ethnic studies and serves as a resource for New York City's Asian American communities. In 2006, the program was at risk of being cut due to a lack of funding. Students formed the Coalition for the Revitalization of Asian American Studies at Hunter (CRAASH) and saved the program within a year. CRAASH is now a student-run club that continues to advocate for the AASP.

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