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Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions Grant Proposal

This is the successful proposal for the Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) grant written by Jennifer Hayashida, John Chin, and Paul McPherron. The 5-year $1.7 million Department of Education grant (2016-2021) funds the Hunter College AANAPISI Project (HCAP). HCAP supports Asian/American and Pacific Islander (API) students through a multilingual learners program, a mental health program, and a leadership program. The proposal specifically identifies the lack of support for English-language learners (ELL), lack of culturally competent advising and counseling services, and lack of thoughtfully developed leadership opportunities for API students as institutional gaps and weaknesses. It also states that Hunter, as the only CUNY college with a full-fledged Asian American studies program, is "well-positioned to serve as a model for other CUNY campuses, which collectively serve almost 53,000 API students."

The AANAPISI program is one of eight federally designated Minority Serving Institution programs established by Congress in 2007 to support minority students. For an institution to qualify for an AANAPISI grant, at least 10% of its students must be Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander and 50% must receive financial assistance. 31% of Hunter students are API, many of whom are first-generation college students, ELLs, and/or from low-income immigrant families.

The Hunter College Asian American Studies Program (AASP) was established in 1993. As the only academic program in Asian American studies in the CUNY system, the AASP offers a minor in Asian American Studies and other resources and programming. The AASP supports scholars, artists, and activists advancing scholarship in the fields of Asian American studies and critical ethnic studies and serves as a resource for New York City's Asian American communities. In 2006, the program was at risk of being cut due to a lack of funding. Students formed the Coalition for the Revitalization of Asian American Studies at Hunter (CRAASH) and saved the program within a year. CRAASH is now a student-run club that continues to advocate for the AASP.

Source | Hunter College Asian American Studies Program
Creators | Hayashida, Jennifer; Chin, John; McPherron, Paul
Date Created | April 22, 2016
Rights | Obtain From Hunter College Asian American Studies Program
Item Type | Text (Report / Paper / Proposal)
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