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LaGuardia Community College: The Early Years of Adult and Continuing Education

LaGuardia Community College opened its doors for students in 1971 in an old (barely refurbished) factory building in Long Island City, a neighborhood in western Queens suffering the effects of the deindustrialization that swept the city in those years. Veterans of those early years recall the smell of bread emanating from the giant Silvercup bakery just across the railroad tracks, as well as the smell of chewing gum from the enormous Chiclet factory next door. Founded on the co-principles of cooperative education and intensive courses, LaGuardia was designed to encourage the adult and immigrant populations of Queens, New York to integrate in-the-field experiences with progressive classroom learning. Dr. Joesph Shenker, its founder and first President, embraced the concept of 'one college,' where adult and continuing education courses and community outreach programs through matriculated studies would be equal parts of the mission.

This collection, curated by Sandy Watson and Fern Kahn, emphazises the importance of Continuing Education (later Adult and Continuing Education) and contains brochures, photographs, and documents that demonstrate the range of programs and projects that were realized in those years. These programs were aimed at the non-traditional college students who made up a crucial part of the population LaGuardia was designed to serve. Some programs would become nationwide models, included instruction aimed at working mothers, those learning English for the first time, the homeless, Deaf students, and incarcerated persons.

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"Education for Deaf Students at LaGuardia Community College"

This article from the CUNY Research Foundation's Annual Report of 1985 highlights the achievements of LaGuardia's programs for Deaf students.

Project Enable: Training Program for Homeless Heads of Household Residing in Hotels/Shelters

This November 1986 report details the activities of a training program for homeless mothers in New York City conducted by LaGuardia Community College's Division of Continuing Education. The program, which covered personal counselling, job [...]

Joe Shenker, founding president of LaGuardia with the first group of students who were paraprofessionals

In 1970, Joseph Shenker was appointed president of what was then still called "Community College Number Nine," which would soon become LaGuardia Community College. Still in his twenties, Shenker brought a youthful optimism and a spirit of [...]

Handbook for Teachers of Deaf/Hard-Of-Hearing Students

This is a handbook that was created for use by professors at LaGuardia Community College who had "a deaf or hard-of-hearing student in his/her class." The guidebook seeks to educate its readers on the realities of life with a hearing [...]

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LaGuardia Community College: The Early Years of Adult and Continuing Education