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Highlights from the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (2000-2001)

After a decade of successfully implementing activities promoting urban community and workplace health, David Kotelchuck compiled the highlights of the center’s achievements and outlined future plans. This memo addressed to Nick Freudenberg, in addition to stating the mission, enumerates the qualified staff and lists a roster of high profile partners, which include but are not limited to the New York City Housing Authority and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. COEH worked with public housing residents on asbestos, lead-based paint remediation, hazardous waste materials handling as well as trainings in basic skills such as math and reading. They trained personnel to protect their own and others' health and safety when handling hazardous materials and how to safely contain hazardous chemical spills and fires. Future plans included an integrated pest management plan to address asthma and environmental health problems, a needle stick training program for medical students, and a lead poisoning prevention program.

Officially founded in 1990, the COEH spent decades dedicating itself to promoting community and workplace health throughout the New York area. It did so by offering courses on topics ranging from asthma to ergonomics for unions, neighborhood groups, public employees, and more.

Source | Kotelchuck, David
Creator | Kotelchuck, David
Date Created | April 15, 2001
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