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Oral History Interview with Bill Friedheim

Bill Freidheim and Irwin Yellowitz and were active in the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) throughout their careers as professors and continue to be prominent members of the CUNY union in the retiree's chapter. In this interview, which was conducted on January 8th, 2016, Bill Friedheim, formerly of Borough Manhattan Community College (BMCC), discusses his role as chapter chair at the United Federation of College Teachers (UFCT) when it merged with the Legislative Conference (LC) to form the PSC in 1972. As he recalls his many experiences, Friedheim speaks about grassroots organizing and membership involvement as a driving force behind the formation of the New Caucus in 1995. He also recounts his more recent union activities involving work on the PSC website and BMCC's post 9-11 struggles.

Source | PSC Archive
Creators | Friedheim, Bill ; Yellowitz, Irwin
Date Created | January 8, 2016
Interviewers | Yellowitz, Irwin
Interviewees | Friedheim, Bill
Rights | Obtain From PSC Archive
Item Type | Oral History (Digital)
Cite This document | Friedheim, Bill and Yellowitz, Irwin, “Oral History Interview with Bill Friedheim,” CUNY Digital History Archive, accessed March 21, 2018,

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